The Story Of Mario Barwuah Balotelli – Italian Calcio Hero

by Football XI Editorial | Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2013


Mario Balotelli, the always controversial player is hands down a story that many might not have known until the recent years when he has been able to showcase his abilities to the world with the Ac.Milan jersey.

He started off with not the best of childhoods due to a life-threatening problem the moment he was born which forced his family on him being fostered. 3 years of age and he was taken to an Italian foster family where he would spend 12 years.

The start of his career was with Lumezzane until being signed by Internazionale in 2006. But it wasn’t the best of times as he was having disciplinary problems with Inter which lead to him being left out of the squad when Jose Mourinho was their head coach.

In an Italian show called: Striscia la Notizia he even wore the jersey of their eternal rivals Ac.Milan as he was expressing just what he felt when playing in Inter Milan.

As the years went by the problems continued with the Italian club until he transferred over to Manchester City where things rolled on in the same manner. Problems with the tactician Roberto Mancini lead to him being left out of the starting XI of the team.

It wasn’t until he was signed to Ac.Milan when things started to look up on him. It’s without any doubt Balotelli was a fan of the club since the start of his career when he mentioned it.

In the only club Balotelli has called ‘’Home’’ it’s been a turnaround for the player that went through so many obstacles. Consistently been scoring goals in almost every match for Ac.Milan and just showcasing something was missed in his recent years, a smile.

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