World Cup 2014: Are fans going to be safe in Brazil?

by Football XI Editorial | Posted on Saturday, June 7th, 2014



World Cup has always been a celebration of the biggest sport at the grandest stage. Fans from around the world gather and mix with each other with a common passion. Brazilians are known to be football crazy and the Samba people know how to create an atmosphere for the tournament as huge as the World Cup. The 5-time World champions are not just the hosts but also one of the favorites to lift the golden trophy.

But, the concerns linger in some parts as protests can provoke security fears for the home and travelling fans. Some recent incidents have alarmed the government and FIFA officials regarding that. Yet Crime, violence and protests are not exclusive to Brazil. There were similar concerns with 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Former hosts such as Russia, USA and Mexico all had their fair share of problems. Hence, FIFA is not much concerned regarding it.

FIFA has allocated a specific perimeter and check points around the stadiums and the fans should pass through them to even get close to it. Fans who are unable to procure tickets congregate in large fan zones to watch the match together and enjoy the cosmopolitan nature of the tournament.

The protesters have issues with mainly the government who are spending money on hosting the World Cup instead of on major society needs in the country. Thus, they have nothing against the World Cup or the travelling fans who would be spending cash for the betterment of the townships and the tourism industry too will get a major boost.

There is a day to day civil-violence in Rio, which hosts seven matches including the final on July 13th. But precautions are being taken which includes 150,000 police and 20,000 private security agents. Vigilance and administration would be the key for a peaceful and fun-filled tournament. There is no place for violence in the stadium and there will be severe measures taken against the people who break the law.

There are thus no major reasons which suggest that this World Cup would be worse than the 2010 version or the upcoming one in 2018, Russia.

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